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I worked with Dave (the owner of the house of nightmares) this weekend and we have decided to push back the shoot. For several reasons:

1. The house is no where near finished for the season

2. More promotion for the shoot

3. A dedicated website for the shoot will be made

4. Legal documents need to be filled out and signed

5. We are thinking about making the shoot a "sleep over" event! (MAWHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I will keep all of your names and email addy's and I'll keep posting on here about it as well. We are thinking it's going to be sometime at the end of the season. Begining of November or so.

I will be bringing acid_poptart to the house for photos. I am being showcased in a local gallery and got special permission from Dave to come in with her and one other model. I'll be sure to post some pictures here when they are done.

Thanks everyone and if you know other people that may be interested in this event please send them here for further updates.
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