M Bluenote (m_bluenote) wrote in thehouseofnight,
M Bluenote


Hello. I'm based in Pittsburgh, but plan to be at the shoot on the 26th. I'll be coming with boneorchard and xhellb0mbx, but will be happy to work with anyone who's interested. I ask all models to sign a publication release [i can email its contents on request] which gives the model shared copyright on the images we do. I'm happy to send each model a disc of all images in raw form as well as any that i make "web-ready". I work in digital as well as standard film, but my big passion is ToyCameras and low tech imaging, samples of which are behind the cut...

model: boneorchard

model: xhellb0mbx

model: delilahbrat

model: cinnamongirl369

model: missviola

model: palegothgoddess

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